Are you ready to commit to your vision and desire for 2018?


The Clarity + Focus monthly workbooks are here to help.


I believe the surest way to achieving your dreams is with clarity and focus, then creating consistent action in your day to day. These workbooks will bring you back to center and re-focus on what matters most – your vision for 2018. In them you’ll identify the action and specific steps you’ll take to get you closer and closer. Month by month. Day by day. You’ll be creating the 2018 you desire.


Are you ready?


Clarity + Focus workbook for an amazing 2018 is here!Each workbook includes:

A brief ritual to help set the mood.

Journaling prompts to guide you on:

  • reflecting on the previous month,
  • focusing forward, and
  • digging deeper into your vision for 2018.

Space for your gratitude practice and your favourite quote or mantra.

Loving accountability.





This is for you if:

  • You have your Core Desired Feelings – yay you, that’s awesome – so you’re definitely ready to set an intention for 2018.
  • You’re new to all of this, but you crave a purposeful and intentional year.
  • You’re so done with new year’s resolutions and now you’re ready to feel good about yourself.
  • You attended my A New Year with The Desire Map workshop (online or in-person) and you created a vision board. So now you’re committed to making your vision board a reality.


You’re ready to create an amazing 2018.



Order your Clarity + Focus workbooks now.


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$25 + HST
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  • Clarity + Focus is a PDF document that you can either print or complete electronically.
  • I will be releasing the first workbook on Friday February 23, 2018.
  • There will be eleven (11) workbooks in total.
  • I will be emailing each workbook on the last Friday of the month.
  • If you purchase this item part way through the year, you will receive the previously released workbooks.



Please note this is a digital product so I am not able to offer a refund. This is not a subscription service, you will be charged only once. You accept this responsibility and agree to these terms when you purchase the Clarity + Focus workbook.



Order your Clarity + Focus workbooks now.


order here


$25 + HST
Payments accepted by eTransfer or PayPal.