The Desire Map: Level 1 (Richmond Hill)


The Desire Map Workshop

Level 1: Core Desired Feelings
Based on the best seller by Danielle LaPorte


The Desire Map is a holistic approach to planning and living your life based on how you want to feel.


So, tell me how do you want to feel?

That’s the question we will explore in this Level 1 one-day intensive, because the answer is at the heart of every single decision you make. Knowing how you to want to feel is one of the most important forms of clarity you can have. And clarity like that brings purpose.


The Desire Map Level 1 is a one-day workshop for women who want to:

  • Make decisions with more clarity and a lot less guilt.
  • Feel joyful, fulfilled, and purposeful.
  • Live each day from a place of ease, clarity, and joy.


Is that you? Are you ready?

Join a circle of women just like you who are searching for confidence, purpose, and joy. During our day together, you’ll have an opportunity to re-connect and re-discover your voice and truth through journaling and group discussions. This is a one-day workshop with compassionate straight-talk. We’ll hold space for one another and I’ll share Usui Reiki energy with the group to help us stay grounded and centered.


Everything starts with a grateful heart

So we start with gratitude and joy, the kind of deep joy and gratitude that is contagious. Then we divide our life into 5 areas to get specific:

  • Lifestyle + Livelihood
  • Creativity + Learning
  • Body + Wellness
  • Relationships + Society
  • Essence + Spirituality


Together we get clear on what’s working and what’s not, what’s missing and what to let go of. Then we share our desires and dreams for each of the life areas, and that’s when our Core Desired Feelings start to emerge.


At the end of this one-day intensive, you’ll walk away with your Core Desired Feelings and how to use them to guide decisions in your career, your body, your creativity, your relationships, and your spirit. This is a revolution in goal-planning from the heart.


Bottom line:

You’ll get clear on what you want most out of life and have a plan to make it happen.


Are you ready?


  • One day
  • In-person


  • Official Desire Map workbook
  • Group Reiki treatments, guided meditations and visualizations
  • Admission to my private Facebook Group
  • A special gift


Investment: $276 CAD + 13% HST [early bird pricing ends May 20]. Regular price $345


Are you ready?


Register Here


Want more time to journal and work through the process? We can meet online and complete my 6-week program. More information is here.

Prefer to Desire Map one on one? More information is here.

Learn more about The Desire Map here.


Cancellation & Refund Policies:

If you need to cancel/reschedule your attendance, I kindly ask you to email me a minimum of one (1) week before your scheduled class to provide notice. If you provide this notice, I will refund you 50% of your course fee or, if you choose, apply it toward the next scheduled class. No refund is available seven (7) days or less before the scheduled class.

In the event of inadequate registration, MCL Consulting Inc. reserves the right to cancel/reschedule the class. Confirmations will be sent approximately two (2) weeks before the class. In the event of a class cancellation, all course fees will be refunded or, if you choose, applied toward the next scheduled class.


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