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The Desire Map Workshop

Level 2: Goals with Soul
Based on the best seller by Danielle LaPorte


You’re putting your Core Desired Feelings at the centre of your life.

Yes, you are. And it feels so good.

You know how you want to feel. And you’ve got a really good idea of what you can do, have, and experience — and think and believe — to help yourself feel that way. Every day. Some people go their entire lives on an autopilot of do-get-do-get, but you’ve just cracked a code to wide-awake living.

Now it’s time to take aim and devote yourself to actualizing what you want the most.

The Desire Map Workshop Level 2 is the practical application of the core desired feelings that you identified in the Level 1 Workshop (here). This is where clarity meets action.


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In the next level of the Desire Map process, you will:

1. Explore perceptions of goals and goal-setting in relationship to ambition, external approval, and “success.”

Most people will identify at least one pattern of behaviour related to goal-setting that has been restricting their capacity for freedom. In this workshop, we create a sacred space that will help you meaningfully reorient your relationship with goals into one that helps you do, have, and experience what you most desire to feel.


2. Identify a handful of goals or intentions that are aligned with your core desired feelings and create a plan to support them.

You may want not want to set any goals. You might want to set one hundred goals that are attached to precise measurables. All of that it totally good with me. I am here to support you in your journey.


Here’s the problem with traditional goal setting.

Intentions and goals are tools for liberation. So when we use goal chasing like a hammer, it can beat up on our self-esteem, relationships, and creativity. Setting the goal, pursuing it, and achieving the goal is supposed to feel good. If you’re going to set “goals to die by,” then, well, God bless ya. But there is a better way…

Feeling good is the whole point.


Goals with soul

When you are clear on how you most want to feel, you turn traditional goal setting inside out. Constant racing for success creates habitual and unconscious goal-setting. The Goals with Soul workshop is going to help you relearn how to move toward your dreams — with trust and well-placed devotion. The more you choose your core desired feelings over your external objectives, the more content you will become.

Go after the goals that nourish your spirit, with your core desired feelings  as the compass. Goals with Soul will energize you and, when you’re on track moving toward such goals, life will keep throwing synchronicities your way.

Feeling good is the whole point.

DESIRE MORE? Ya, you do!

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The Desire Map Workshop

Level 2: Goals with Soul

Based on the best seller by Danielle LaPorte

This workshop assumes you have your Core Desired Feelings well-decided (Level 1).

Format: 8 hours

Location: In-person (online option available)

Includes: group Reiki treatments + admission to Facebook Group

Investment: $345 + HST

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Special Offers

  • Bring a friend and register together to receive 20% off.
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  • Register for Level 2 within 7-days of completing Level 1 and receive 20% off the cost of Level 2.

Don’t have your Core Desired Feelings sorted? Check out Level 1 Core Desired Feelings here.

Prefer to Desire Map one on one? I’m down with that too. More information is here.

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