MCL Consulting is a full-service training and development company serving both corporations and small businesses.


Instructional design services

MCL Consulting offers instructional design services for all training methodologies, including blended learning and micro learning. I am happy to partner with you to determine the best training solution for your audience and your content so that you get results to drive you and your business forward.


Instructional design with the ADDIE process

MCL Consulting uses ADDIE as a model to guide the creation of learning solutions from request to conclusion since it provides a solid framework for most learning projects. At the same time, we believe that it can be easily adapted to a specific project as necessary. We also like that that it provides inherent milestones for effective project management.

MCL Consulting Inc. does not believe that ADDIE is a linear process. Instead we flex the ADDIE model as needed to quickly build learning solutions that impact your bottom line. Additionally, we believe that the upfront research and assessment ensures that the solution we create is perfect for your business in every way, but that collaboration and check-ins are incredibly important.


What’s the ADDIE process?

In 1975, the Center for Education Technology (at Florida State University) created ADDIE. It was inspired by earlier instructional design models, but really gained acceptance and momentum when it was called ADDIE and used by the U.S. military. To learn more about ADDIE go here.

ADDIE is an acronym that stands for:

A          Assessment

D          Design

D          Development

I           Implementation

E          Evaluation


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