I love September. It’s a great new beginning.


September is the new January

Kids are off to school to start a new grade with a new teacher and in a new classroom. They have new pencils and new notebooks. They are going to make new friends and learn new things.


The season is changing. There’s a crispness in the air. Everything is coming up pumpkin flavoured.


Mother Nature is slowly going to sleep. She is going in and so should you.


Start Fresh

Now is the time for self-reflection so grab your journal. How are you? What have you been up to these past months? Review your calendar. Have you been spending time doing the things you want?


Now turn the page and appreciate the blank page in front of you. There’s nothing but possibility and space. Ahhhhh. Everything that came before has helped you and supported you; there are so many pages there giving you a soft surface when you start over again on this white page. Pages and pages filled with experiences. Thank you thank you thank you.


Now is the perfect time to plan ahead. You can’t write on this new page if you keep flipping back in your journal and re-reading. Forward. Let it go. Onward. Upward. Thank you thank you thank you.


Core desired feelings & goals

The way we set goals is backwards. We focus on the thing at the end. Sure we are focus on the desired state (begin with the end in mind Mr Covey says very wisely), that part is right. But the end isn’t the job or the car or the house. The end is – how do I feel when I close my eyes at the end of the day? At the end of my days.


Quote from Danielle LaPorte from the Desire Map


At the end of the day, I want to feel

Balanced    Sparkling     Divine


That’s my end. So I begin each morning with that in mind – what do I need to do today to feel that way?


There’s still action. There’s still a concrete goal. But chasing a feeling, not a thing, means that I will feel balanced, sparking and/or divine while accomplishing the goals I’ve set. And that feels so much better than the struggle I’ve felt in the past while working towards a goal.


Using my core desired feelings as a guide makes sure that I have a life well-lived. A life that I’m living the length and the width. A life with purpose and intention. A life with soul. And that my friends is the point. You deserve it too.


Are you digging this and ready for more?

Join me for a soulful, nourishing, invigorating retreat. Spend a day reconnecting with yourself through self-reflective activities, guided meditation and a Reiki treatment. I will facilitate group discussions so we connect and support one another in this work. My intensive Desire Map retreat will leave you humming – Oh yesssssss.


By the end of the day, you will have identified your core desired feelings. You can begin using them to guide your every day. Prepare to make changes. Quit. Transform. Refocus. Prepare to feel less guilt and more confidence.


Desire more? Ya, you do.

Click here for my calendar of events and here for more information about The Desire Map. I’m honoured to do this work with you.


Oh and in case you were curious, I don’t do January. I’m hibernating and conserving my energy. I’m like Mother Nature that way.