In my previous post, I talked about how conducting Reiki self-treatment can help you at work. It can help you manage your stress level and become more self-aware which can help you stay at your peak. But Reiki self-treatments are just one element of learning and practicing Reiki.

In fact, Reiki is made up of five main elements:

  • Precepts
  • Meditation and techniques
  • Hands-on healing
  • Symbols and mantras
  • Attunements


Each element is an important part of learning and practicing Reiki. But for me the foundation of Reiki is the precepts (also known as the Reiki principles).

Traditional Usui Reiki precepts (also known as Reiki principles)

Meditating on the Reiki precepts shifts your perspective and focus to create fulfillment and joy. Imagine if you lived every day according to the precepts… Even if just for today.


When I consider the Reiki precepts I see a strong connection to amazing leadership, particularly Positive Leadership.


Positive Leadership

Great leaders are authentic and positive. They are givers, not takers. They offer help, they share knowledge, and most of all they give of their time. They are honest with themselves and others. They are not self-sacrificing; they have boundaries and think about other people’s perspectives (what are they thinking vs. how are they feeling).


Positive Leaders let go of anger, blame and ego to create collaboration and common ground. They have great interpersonal skills and their emotional intelligence (EQ) is well developed. They first look inward to see themselves with compassion. They learn to understand themselves first, and then they direct their attention to those around them. They see others with more compassion and understanding.


Positive Leaders are mindful; they let go of anger and worry, and are thankful for their many blessings. Just for today.


Just for today

The precepts are deeply understanding of human nature. They focus our efforts and repeat the goal just for today.


Focusing on today, right now, I will let go of worry. Right now, here, I will let go of anger. That’s a commitment we can feel good about. We aren’t setting ourselves up to feel like we are trying to master the impossible, because it is just for today.


Just for today is compassionate and realistic. You can do this, because after all it is just for today.


The bottom line

I believe that meditating on the precepts can help you develop positive leadership skills. But when you combine the precepts with the other elements of Reiki you truly experience the benefits. Come learn how to use the five elements of Reiki in my upcoming level 1 class. I’d love to see you there. Click here to see my upcoming class schedule and to register.