Want to invest in your professional development? Consider Reiki.


So much has been written and said about Reiki as a healing tool (here’s an excellent introduction). But it can change your professional life as well. And I don’t just mean if you are a medical professional, like a nurse or first responder.

Are you looking for an explanation of what Reiki is? I wrote an explanation here of what it is and how it works.


Reiki is a wonderful companion at the office.


Reiki creates a feeling of deep relaxation and ease. Being relaxed can help you be at your peak (read more here). You are more creative, more aware, and more present which makes you a great listener, problem solver, and leader. When you are relaxed you can think strategically and collaborate without ego.


Reiki, specifically completing self-treatments, can help you become more self-aware. Aware of your own biases, perceptions, and limitations can help you during coaching sessions, team meetings, conducting interviews, and completing performance evaluations. Being aware of your own feelings and emotions can help you become more compassionate and understanding of others. And that can help you be more connected and a better leader.


Man at the office doing Reiki

Are you about to face a challenging client? Anticipating a tough sales pitch? Need to do some public speaking? Reiki can help you.


Completing a Reiki self-treatment is discreet and can be done in less than 5 minutes. The only thing you need is a quiet place. And the results are felt immediately. You are more relaxed, more centered, and more present. You feel calmly ready. Not ready to fight or flight. But to participate, engage, and collaborate.


Interested in learning Reiki?


My classes are a full day and includes a comprehensive manual and certificate of completion. I keep my classes small to ensure plenty of quality one-on-one time practicing.


I’m offering a special bonus for a limited time. If you register now you will receive access to my private Facebook group at no charge. The Facebook group offers more instruction and coaching which is so important after you finish a class.


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